The Zodiac Club is comprised of four artists: Lena Hawkins (US), Allison Halter (US), Tina Kohlmann (DE), and Will Owen (US) who began the Zodiac Club in 2013 while at Flux Factory in Long Island City. 

The Zodiac Club creates environments which explore spirituality through the lenses of 19th century Spiritualism and contemporary metaphysical practices, and which function similarly to a salon. Situated between the original Zodiac Club -- a NYC secret society that began in 1868 -- and the FOMO of our present-day hyper-shared digital existence, the Zodiac Club engenders a space of connection and conversation based on shared experiences in real time which explore the mysterious realms that exist on the edges of our rational understanding of the world. Much like historical salons, we aim to intermingle artists, healing practitioners, and a curious public in a setting that encourages a spirit of inquiry regarding phenomena that are currently beyond our comprehension.

This site functions as a portal to announce upcoming happenings, archive past events, and as a webshop for Zodiac Club merchandise.